Owner - Jordan P.

Owner - Jordan P.

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Growing up on the East Coast, bagels were on every breakfast table. I moved to California six years ago from New York City, and have yet to quench my perpetual bagel craving. I am constantly on the lookout for those crispy on the outside, yet fluffy on the inside bagels, but struggling to find one around Vallejo that even compares. So I decided to open my own shop, Old Capital Bagel Company! 

All my bagels are made from pure, simple ingredients and always shaped by hand, never by a machine. I believe the wonderful flavor and texture is due to the time and love put into each and every bagel. I take pride in the fact that no two bagels are alike, each one having its own unique shape and story.

After many months, I have finally created the perfect recipe inspired by the New York style bagel. They are the perfect blend of the East and West coast and I am so excited to share them with the Vallejo community, and of course, make my East Coast roots proud. I am excited to introduce the Old Capital Bagel Company; hand-rolled, kettle boiled, and baked to perfection!